Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about logging in, registering and setting up the partner portal.
Please note that this information refers exclusively to our customer portal for the product areas.

Answers and information to more in-depth questions regarding the use of the BRUSA Partner Portal can be found directly in your user profile within the portal.
  1. Who can register for the BRUSA Partner Portal?
    In principle, any person can register for the Partner Portal.
    However, in order to use all functions of the platform,
    it is necessary that you have at least one business relationship with a BRUSA.
  2. Is registration free of charge?
    Yes, registration and basic use are free of charge.
  3. I have not received my activation link - what can I do?
    At the latest 10 minutes after registration, you will normally receive an email with the activation link.
    If this is not the case, please check the spam folder of your mailbox first.
    If you have not received an e-mail, please repeat the process.
  4. Where do I get my password for the initial registration?
    You assign the password yourself during registration.
  5. Why can't I log in?
    Do you have a Partner Portal account and a valid password?
    If yes, please reset your browser.
    If the problem persists, please contact Partner
  6. My password has expired. How do I get a new one?
    To do this, click on the "Forgotten password" link in the login area. You can then enter a new password.
    Make sure it is as safe as possible and remember it well.
  7. I have registered in the BRUSA Partner Portal and also entered the registration code.
    However, I cannot use BRUSA Partner Portal. What is the reason for this?
    When we receive your registration request, you will not yet be able to use the portal immediately.
    Because first we check the data you have provided and set up the functions you need.
    Depending on the volume of registrations, this process can take up to 3 working days. We therefore ask for your patience.